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E&C Ultimate Razor Kit

If you haven't heard about it yet, we recently put on the market our Ultimate Razor MX Kit! A direct bolt on kit designed by yours truly intended to make a child's toy rip your dad bod up those big boy hill climbs. We've done some rigorous testing and tuning to make sure this machine has adequate umph to get you ripping on the trails of your local OHV. Not only will you have the power but also the fidelity. Control is important! We took the many lessons from our EMX platform to deliver the best riding experience a razor can offer.

Don't have a battery? Don't worry, we thought of that and got you covered. Choose from our 48v option or take it to the next level with our 72v option, both designed to fit into the Razor Frame.

*72v requires slight modification to the tray and some cajones*

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