Power up your battery build with this Bluetooth ANT BMS. Used in all of our EMX14 and EMX17 builds we belive ANT is the go to when it comes to compact battery mangment with great functionality.



1x BMS Harness

1x BMS Hardware Set


-Charging current: 50A Banlance current: 100MA

-Wiring method: Same port


8S to 20S 300A size:14CM *7CM *1.7CM

8S to 20S 400A size:19CM *7CM *1.7CM

-Single cell voltage: Detection range 1V-4.6V, accuracy less than 5Mv Overcharged and paid: protected Short circuit protection: short circuit protection current can be set

-Bluetooth connection: for Android android hand sail

-Applicable battery: 8S to 20S Li-ion Battery; 8S to 20S Lifepo4 Battery; 8S to 20S LTO Battery

-Columb counter: Accurate calculation based on current versus time Battery remaining capacity, error range is less than 5%

-Power consumption: 3MA at work 1.5MA during standby