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Our EMX17 Kit comes with everything you need to convert your yz 85 into the ultimate electric Mini Moto! The EMX17 is a nimble and agile bike that boasts some of the greatest utility of any bike its size. Endless torque, tractable power, gnarly speed and precise control are what the EMX17 is all about. Hill Climbs? Single Track? Enduro? Track? The EMX's versatility has got you covered!  With nothing more than a few basic hand tools and 6-pack you can you can convert your very own in a weekend.


We developed our unique slide and ride (SLR) battery box with the help of 3DP Moto that allows the rider to simply slide in a new battery and continue riding. With the EMX17 SLR 3.2 pack you will be able to ride for a up to 3 hours doing pit tricks and hooning and up to 2 hours on the trails! Once your out of juice, remove the battery door slide another battery in and ride. 


The EMX17 comes with 2 selectable power modes and Reverse. Yes the EMX has reverse! Eco mode deliverys smooth tractable power that saves battery and keeps the rear tire planted on lose terrains. Warp Drive unlocks the full potential of the SLR 3.2 system which results in strong aggressive power with incredible response.


Our drivetrain does not require any maintenance... Thats right.. No.. Maintenance.. No more oil changes every 20 hours, no more top ends every 40 hours, no more clutch pack replacments, none of the engine related maintenances and costs associed with traditonal ICE bikes apply. Change the tires, check the brakes, lube the chain and rip it. Simple as that.


Recharging your bike is a simple as flipping a switch and plugging into an outlet. The standard charger that is included with the base kit will recharge from fully dead to 100% in 3 hours (1.5hr to 90%) For those of us who cant wait (us included) we have our all new lightning charger which is capable of fully recharging in 1 hours  (45 mins to 90%).


Kits are built to order and require 60-90 days for delivery. As Manufactuing capacity is limited, only a handfull of kits are available for order at any given time. 

EMX17 Electric Conversion Kit


    • Direct Bolt in Fitment for 2002 - 2018 YZ 85


    • 150lbs (Total)



    • 6 - 8 hours


    • Easy/Moderate (only basic hand tools required)


    • Standard Twist

    Power Maps

    • Eco

    • Warp Drive

    • Reverse


    • yes



    • 6,500rpm Brushless

    • max 14,000 watts (16+hp)



    • None; Direct drive motor



    • Hill Hold

    • Reverse

    • Heads up display (still in development)


    • 72V (max 84v)

    • 32ah Capacity

    • Swap-able 

    • Live Bluetooth Battery Monitoring

    • Live Bluetooth Data Logging


    • Pit Tricks - 4+ hours

    • Trail Riding - 3 hours

    • Amateur Moto - 1.5 hour

    • Competitive Moto - 45 mins



    • 2 Hour Standard

    • 1 Hour 15 Minutes Lightning Charge (optional)