QS138 70H V2 72V IPM PMSM Mid Drive Motor with Spline Drive Output Shaft


This is E&C's Favorite Motor! It can be found in both the EMX14 and EMX17 Kits. This motor is perfect for medium size electric motorcyles. The QS138 70H is well known around the world for its ability to produce power in a small form factor. A tried and true motor that packs a hefty punch for its size and weight. We like this model because of its sleek look and convienent mounting points. This combo is capable of over 15kW!



1pc X QS 138 3kW Mid drive motor with 10t sprocket for spline drive

(we recommend buying our E&C sprocket to ensure proper fitment and to reduce the chance of damage to the spline drive)

1pc X EM-150 QS Controller

1pc X Z6 Throttle


Option Available Upon Selection:

1pc X DKD Display

MX Plug & Play Service - Be Sure to Grab the MX Plug & Play Service so you can save years on your life not stressing about the details. Just plug it in, apply power and go! With this service we build you a custom braided harness complete with Waterproof connectors, Switches, Throttle & Controller that is Pretuned with our Proven EMX setup.


Key Features 

  • Light weight and small dimension compared to other motors of similar power outputs
  • V configured rotor design allows for higher RPM with flux weakening
  • High Torque suitable for high performace high load situations such as climbing and racing.
  • Supports regenerative braking
  • Proven reliability

QS138 70H V2 (3000w) EM-150 Kit

  • 1 Week on Standard Combo/Kit

    +1-3 Weeks for Orders including MX Plug & Play Service.