QS90 72V IPM PMSM Mid Drive Motor


This motor is perfect for small electric motorcyles. This is the most compact version of the infamous 138 70h model. If you have a kids bike or a pocket rocket the qs90 might be right up your alley. With a small Diamater of only 4 inches, You can fit this motor in almost anything! Although this motor is tiny it is no slouch! This combo is capable of nearly 5kW! 



1pc X QS 90 1kW Mid drive motor  (tapered shaft with key) with 14t 428 sprocket

1pc X EM-50 QS Controller

1pc X Z6 Throttle


Option Available Upon Selection:

1pc X DKD Display

MX Plug & Play Service - Be Sure to Grab the MX Plug & Play Service so you can save years on your life not stressing about the details. Just plug it in, apply power and go! With this service we build you a custom braided harness complete with Waterproof connectors, Switches, Throttle & Controller that is Pretuned with our Proven EMX setup.


Key Features 

  • Light weight and small dimension compared to other motors of similar power outputs
  • High Torque suitable for high performace high load situations such as climbing and racing
  • Supports regenerative braking
  • Proven reliability

QS90 (1000W) EM-50 Kit

  • 1 Week on Standard Combo/Kit

    +1-3 Weeks for Orders including MX Plug & Play Service.