QS120 72V IPM PMSM Mid Drive Motor


This motor is perfect for small & medium to large size electric motorcyles. This is the more compact version of the infamous 138 70h model. If you have a tight space but need big power the qs120 is for you. This motor is capable of over 15kW Bursts! 



1pc X QS 120 2kW Mid drive motor with 10t sprocket for spline drive

(we recommend buying our E&C sprocket to ensure proper fitment and to reduce the chance of damage to the spline drive)


Key Features 

  • Light weight and small dimension compared to other motors of similar power outputs
  • High Torque suitable for high performace high load situations such as climbing and racing
  • Supports regenerative braking
  • Proven reliability

QS120 (2000w) with Spline Drive

SKU: QS120428-INT
  • Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Inner Rotor Motor With Hall Sensor

    Brand: QS Motor, QSMOTOR

    Motor Design: Single Axle 

    Matched Wheel: 12inch Wheel (as default)

    Magnet Height: 70mm, 40pcs, 5 pole pairs

    Diameter of stator: 120mm

    Rated Power: 2000W

    Rated Voltage: 72V (as default)

    Speed: 60KPH 

    No-load rpm: 2800rpm without flux weakening, 4400RPM with flux weakening.

    Max Torque: approx 45.4N.m without Reduction ratio, approx 216.7N.m with 1:4.77 Reduction ratio  

    Reduction ratio: 1:4.77 (as default)

    Max Efficiency: 88%

    Continuous Battery Current: Pending (72V)

    Peak Battery Current: 60A (72V)

    Suggest Peak Phase Current: 250A

    Thermic Probe: None as default (KTY83/122 is available, please let sales know if needed)

    Working Temperature: Pending

    Hall Sensor: Single Hall Plate with Waterproof Connectors

    Phase Wire: 8mm² Cross Section  (not include insulation layer)

    Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree

    Waterproof Grade: IP54

    Color: Black 

    N.W./G.W.: 10.8kgs/11.5kgs   

    Package Dimension: 34cmx34cmx33cm

    Axle matched with 428 sprocket, teeth optional(12T, 13T, 14T...etc)