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By accessing this website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth below. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. If for any reason you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions set forth below, please do not use this site.


No terms and conditions other than these Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon Electro & Company unless accepted by Electro & Company in writing. For all purposes, “Seller” refers to Electro & Company LLC, (hereafter noted as E&C), “Buyer” or “Customer” refers to the purchaser, both are each a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”, and “Site” refers to our website.


QUOTATIONS: Upon request, E&C will deliver a quotation to Buyer specifying products and services to be sold and the order details for such offerings. Quotations are valid for thirty (30) days unless otherwise indicated or extended by Electro & Company. Seller reserves the right to withdraw any quotation prior to its expiration. Buyer agrees to Seller’s Quote by confirming in writing, once approved an invoice will be generated. 


Payment of goods is Due Upon Receipt of Invoice unless otherwise discussed. Advanced partial payments are refundable only if goods can not be delivered buy the Seller.  Deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise notated in writing. 


PRICING & TAXES: E&C prices and discounts are subject to change without notice and do not include any state or local taxes. Prices are quoted and payable in US Dollars. All orders are subject to applicable shipping, freight, taxes, and handling charges. E&C collects sales tax for deliveries to all states in which we are legally obliged. Buyer shall pay all applicable taxes and excises unless Buyer furnishes E&C with a valid Reseller Certificate or tax exemption certificates prior to order.

For International Customers, Taxes and Duties are NOT included and will be due upon import to your country. You may use the estimated value of this order online to calculate your import taxes and fees for your specific country.

CHANGES & CANCELLATION:  The Buyer may cancel online orders for stock products up until the order been sent to fulfillment. Once fulfillment has started, Buyer may contact customer service to inquire if cancellation is available. Changes or cancellations to custom orders can only be authorized in writing by Buyer’s and Seller’s authorized representatives and must be confirmed by a revised purchase order from Buyer. If any change requested by Buyer causes an increase or decrease to the cost, delivery schedule or other terms, Seller shall notify Buyer of the change in cost, delivery or other terms. An adjustment to cost, delivery schedule or other terms shall be mutually agreed upon in writing by the Parties. The Seller reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason seen as appropriate. If an order is requested to be refunded after payment has been received by Seller a 5% Non-Refundable Reservation Fee will be assed prior to refund to cover costs associated with your cancellation.

WARRANTY:  Due to the DIY or Custom nature of the products sold by E&C, warranty will be provided on DEFECTS ONLY for 30 days. Misuse, miss installation, overheating & abuse are not covered under warranty. The failure mode will be determined by E&C staff who are experts in the field of powersports powertrain development, operation and service.

RETURNS:  Due to the DIY or Custom nature of the products sold by E&C, returns are not accepted. Instead we provide support and or repair services to help keep our customers up and running. 

BATTERIES:  Electro & Company, LLC does not manufacture batteries . All batteries sold on are currently manufactured by Eon Lithium or Quasar Lithium and is not responsible for damages or liability from battery related issues. If an issue arises please let us know and we will put you in contact with the Manufacturer of your particular battery to get any issues resolved. Any warranties if any will be carried out by their respective manufactures.

PERSONAL SAFETY: Motorcycles are inherently dangerous in nature. Due to the DIY nature of the kits sold by Electro & Company, LLC you are fully responsible for your own safety. Always check your vehicle over before riding/driving and test accordingly to ensure it is working in a safe manner. The electronics in our kits are NOT Shockproof or Waterproof which can cause electrical failures that can result in personal harm or property damage. Electro & Company, LLC is not Liable or Responsible for any damage or injury that occurs while using our equipment. 

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